June 23, 2009

Adlin Aman Ramli &Emelda Rosmila wedding 2009

We@ Shaherophotography appreciate very much to our affiliate members from Anwarpictures which give us opportunity to cover this photography moments of Adlin Aman Ramli & Emelda Rosmila on 21st June 2009 @ Meru Klang Selangor.We @ shaherophotography & Anwarpictures follow them from the make up session @ RCH klang untill to end of the events done to give a good coverage for this Bride & Groom and captured the moments during the wedding.We once again like to congrats this Both couple and May Allah bless you indeed.For more pics visit http://www.flickr.com/shahero


  1. gambar first tu mmg terbaik..aku suke... color and light semua cukup... tak yah edit pun tak pe shahir.. ok dh tu... kalau dpt tangkap dari center ok gak... tapi time ni patut ko soh pengantin and the other padang arah lens ko ... br ada feel sikit.. anyway the best lahhh... main artis skg hek kekekekek

  2. ade gambar lain byk lagi nihh...aku post jaa mane aku dan nampak.nanti bile2 lepak jom.Aku nak ajak ko naik helicopter lak amik gambar dari langit pulak.hahahhaaaaaa