April 26, 2010

2nd round cubprix 2010@ KLuang Johor

We @shaherophotography would like to thanks to Baraka Telecom Petronas Raceline especially To Mr Navin who give give me an opportunity to captured this events.Thanks a lot to Sanjiv and Prem and wish you all the best in future indeed.Happy to work with you all guys and hope Baraka telecom Petronas Raceline may succees in Batu Kawan Pulau Pinang round.!!

February 24, 2010

Saudi Arabia Shahpadu Trans System Hajj operation 2009

Salamualaik to all dearest viewers and wish you all in barakah and hidayah InshaAllah….

We @ shaherophotography would like to share this slide to all beloved viewers which we have been to Saudi Arabia with great contribution from Shahpadu Trans System Sdn Bhd during the 2009 Hajj season.We have been stayed for 2 month in Saudi Arabia during 2009 Hajj season and we@shaherophotography photographed the Shahpadu Trans System operation which started in Medina, Jeddah and Makkah.we wish ‘Tabarakallahu alaik’ to all the peoples who help us during the job and we again @shaherophotography wish you all ‘JazakaLLahu Khairankasir’. We@ shaherophotography wish you all happy and enjoy this slide InshaAllah.

Special thanks to: Hj Ahmad Zaki b Hj Satar,Hj Mohd Heikal,Hj Mohamad Samry,Hj Helmy ,Hj Hassan and Hj Hashim.